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Enjoy a Day in Sayulita, a Quaint Fishing Village

Sayulita is a small village situated only 40 minutes drive from Nuevo Vallarta, is the perfect place to experience the ultimate relaxed surfing experience. With its picturesque hotels and restaurants along the beach, it’s an ideal scenery to enjoy the beach and the beautiful view. If you are not a big fan of getting in the waves, they’re plenty of activities to be enjoyed there. From snorkeling to wandering around traditional hippie crafts stands or simply sun tan and look at the handsome guys and cute girls.

The little huts on the beach are property of the restaurants, and you are most welcome to just sit there if you want, for a 100 pesos for the whole day. They include 2 long chairs, 1 table and the umbrella or hut, and you can also order drinks and food from the restaurants.

The Mexican tradition always present, the excellent restaurants (Don Pedro being one of the bests of the area, recommended by concierges in different hotels and by own experiences) and its cosy little plaza, makes of Sayulita an ideal spot to enjoy laid-back family and friends time.


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