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11 best places to visit in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is more than ready to welcome you back to catch up with the sun and fun, and continue to create new memories to cherish and new adventures to embark on. The highest of hygiene standards have been implemented for your security, and have been recognized by the World Travel and Tourism Council, which has granted Puerto Vallarta the Safe Travels stamp.

Please take a glance at the latest video launched by Puerto Vallarta’s Tourism Board, that is sure to inspire your next visit: an open invitation to marvel in the beauty of its landscapes, the warmth of its people, the culture and traditions that can be lived here and the vibrant nightlife.

To add more inspiration, we share some of the best attractions to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta, one of the most paradisiacal destinations in Mexico.

Playa los Muertos pier

This pier extends access to water taxis that will take visitors to nearby beaches such as Yelapa, Quimixto, or Mismaloya. Visitors can also enjoy a relaxed stroll on the pedestrian trail which also serves as a vantage point towards the Bay of Banderas. In the center is a metallic structure in the shape of a candle that is illuminated with multicolored lights at night that highlight the remarkable charm of the beach.

Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe

This emblematic structure is distinguished for its architecture and its imposing crown that was destroyed after the 1995 earthquake and later replaced in 2009, which was sculpted by the Jalisco native Carlos Terre.

The crown is called “Tecuntlanopeuh” which in the native Nahuatl language means “The one that originated at the summit of Las Peñas” since before 1918, the now Puerto Vallarta was called Las Peñas de Santa María de Guadalupe.


This is one of the top touristic places in the area where you can appreciate an open-air museum with sculptures such as “Tritón y Sirena” by Carlos Espino and a classic which is favored by many, “The boy on the sea horse” by Rafael Zamarripa. The boardwalk is a must-see promenade where you will find a moment to relax, eat, drink a cup of coffee as you learn more about the vibrant culture. At night, the lights illuminate the entire area, as the music plays, giving way to the incredible nightlife. 

The Papantla Flyers in the Malecon

An ancestral tradition that will leave you amazed by its incredible spectacle extended by 4 men  — each of whom represents the 4 cardinal points  — and a caporal, flying over the beach as the sun sets in the background. In pre-Hispanic times, this dance was considered a ritual in an effort to the call for rain to calm droughts and serve the crops.

A welcome to Puerto Vallarta

Right at the entrance to the city on Highway 200, there is a sculpture with huge letters that read “Puerto Vallarta”, designed by Natasha Moraga. It is the best place to capture a memento postcard that you can share with family and friends.

Las Gemelas beach

Located south of Puerto Vallarta on Federal Highway 200 to Barra de Navidad, Las Gemelas beach has become a favored spot for locals and foreigners all year round due to its crystalline waters and fine sand. Upon arriving, you will down a few stairs that lead to one of the most paradisiacal views, which welcome you to unwind for the entire day at this sensational beach.

Mirador de La Cruz

This is a must if you’re seeking the best view of the city, although you must first manage to climb to the top of the hill. This tour begins on Calle Abasolo  — where the sculpture of Triton and Mermaid serve as the best guide  — and will serve as the starting point. It is a long walk that requires some physical strength to reach it but rest assured that when you reach the top, your efforts will be more than worth it as the view is spectacular.

Isla Cuale

This place has long been printed in the memory of the people of Puerto Vallarta. The great outpouring that overflowed the Cuale River in the 1920s, created a bifurcation and gave life to what is now Isla Cuale. In the 70’s it was called “the island of children”, as it functioned as an amusement park for the little ones. Currently, the area is devoted to promoting art and culture in Puerto Vallarta.

Jorullo bridge

One of the experiences that you cannot miss is touring the Jorullo Bridge, the longest vehicular suspension bridge in the world  — 470 meters long. Visitors will be able to admire a stunning panoramic view of the lushly covered mountains and the river. This journey begins in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on trails, hills, and streams through the jungle.

Marina Puerto Vallarta

One of the best places to capture Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful sunsets is the Malecon de Marina. Here you’ll be pleased to find different restaurants, coffee shops, and boutique options all along the marina, where you can also admire various luxury yachts.

Botanical Garden

A true nature sanctuary. Be amazed by the thousands of flora species in this superb garden. You can also buy souvenirs in its on-site store, as well as enjoy exquisite dishes in its restaurant with a unique view. It’s something you really will not experience anywhere in the world.

There’s no wonder why Puerto Vallarta stands as one of Mexico’s highly distinguished destinations. With endless places to visit on your next trip, all that’s left to debate is if 1 week or two will be enough?

Stay tuned to our next publications and discover more places to visit and activities to do in the most paradisiacal destinations of Mexico. Next on our list: Riviera Nayarit!


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