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A Broken Art – Mosaic Studio in Puerto Vallarta

The use of tiles to add a touch of color to the architecture or, for more practical purposes, to cover domes, fountains, staircases, facades and even kitchen stoves is an age old tradition. It was introduced in Spain by the Arabs and later brought by the Spaniards to the New World in the sixteenth century. More recently ?? in 2000 to be exact!?? Christy Ann Beguesse fell in love with ceramic tiles and founded
A Broken Art, a mosaic studio where you too can learn how to create any number of pieces using a wide variety of hand painted Mexican tiles. There are half–day workshops where students work on 12” x 12” pieces that serve as wall hangings or kitchen trivets. Classes run twice daily, Monday thru Saturday, starting at 9 am and again at after 6pm. Check their web page (www.abrokenart.com) you might be tempted to commission a piece that will be a unique work of art.


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