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Cowboy up for Charro Day in Puerto Vallarta (Dia de Charro)!

In Puerto Vallarta and around the country, the day is traditionally celebrated with a parade as well as a charreada, or rodeo demonstration. Here the evening continues with a dinner/dance as well. Mexican horsemen/women parade through town wearing beautifully decorated jackets, pants and sombreros on finely brushed horses decked with their best equipment. Festivities continue throughout the day and evening at various charro rings, including bullfights, calf roping, food and dancing.

Apart from the obvious relation to charrería, likely a cross-the-border relation of the northern rodeo, the parade is a serious event for the charro. Each charro is dressed in his finest, with matching pants, jackets, bows, boots and sombreros.

Many of the groups of charros will have different outfits for parades, the charreada or even for dancing and dinner events. The tradition begins young, as charros usually grow up in families where charrería is part of the family culture. As young as they can ride, young boys will be introduced to the manners, customs and traditions of the charro.

The women in the parade are called escaramuza. They are highly trained not only in horse”man”ship but also recognized for beauty, skill, grace and poise. In addition to appearing in the parades, the escaramuza put on the half-time show at the charreada. A queen is chosen from among them who will be the leader for the year. Their color for gala events is usually white but for the charreada appearances they might also wear blue. Dresses are full, allowing the women to ride traditional European side-saddle. Ankle boots are worn, matching their full sombrero.

The parade in Puerto Vallarta begins in the Romantic Zone at about 10:00 a.m. on September 14. This is a wonderful event for the whole family to attend!


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