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Caletas by Day

This is a tour made by Vallarta Adventures. It is a boat trip that takes you to the southern beaches of the Bay of Banderas in particular the beach Las Caletas. At 9:30 am we disembark from the Marina Terminal on a 1 hour and 15 minute journey to this private beach. Along the way we saw alot of dolphins who seemed to be playing along side the craft in their successful attempt to garner our attention. the spectacle was a delight for all.

The crew as it turned out was extremely entertaining and commited to our pleasure and satisfaction. Even the captain was doing a dance for us. Upon arriving at Las Caletas we were given the option of having lunch first them frolicking in the lush jungle area and on their golden sand beach (the lunch by the way was surprisingly tasty with good variety).

The service in the area was exceptional with nothing lacking. I personally enjoyed the diving platform. There I was able to sunbathe and take a quick dip frm time to time. All in all we spent nearly 4 hours in this paradise. My kids were enchanted with the water and the snorkling. It was difficult to convince them that it was time to go. I did not want to leave either but the alternative would be to play “Survivor” for the next 24 hours until the boat came back. We chose to go.

The trip back was full of entertainment and contests. Also we made some good friends that I still have contact with. This boat excursion was probably the best that I have experienced in Puerto Vallarta (and I have tried quite a few). It is more expensive than the rest but worth every penny!


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