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An unforgettable wedding experience

Photo: Casa Velas

Casa Velas, an exclusive boutique hotel for adults renowned for its impeccable service, now offers a pre-wedding bridal suite experience designed to pamper and prepare the group accompanying the couple. Inclusions range from exclusive access to ABJA Spa for holistic treatments and accommodation to bonding activities for everyone in the Presidential Suite and a full team of professional stylists.

The Presidential Suite, boasting a generous space of 1,696m2, provides the perfect setting for this experience, offering the ambiance of a private villa with all necessary comforts. With 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a spectacular terrace with a private pool, and ample living and dining areas, the suite is the ideal place to celebrate and prepare for the wedding.

Sheer Exclusivity at ABJA Spa during your Wedding Experience

Photo: ABJA Spa

The experience begins with complete exclusivity at ABJA Spa, where the bridal group will enjoy a day of relaxation and rejuvenation with a selection of over 60 treatments that blend ancestral healing practices with contemporary wellness trends. The Spa day includes a Hydrotherapy Circuit offering a sauna, steam room with chromotherapy and eucalyptus aroma, pressure shower, and jacuzzi to prepare the body and mind for the upcoming celebration. Personalized massages with fresh herbs and ingredients from the property’s Botanical Garden focus on dissolving pre-wedding stress and leaving guests relaxed and revitalized.

Back in the suite, each guest receives a monogrammed robe to relax in while participating in a creativity workshop designed to inspire mindfulness. During this session, the group can enjoy activities such as creating personalized mementos like handmade fans, custom natural jewelry, or painting objects of their choice. Additionally, a service of preparing non-alcoholic cocktails with sleep-promoting herbs from the Botanical Garden is offered to provide a final experience of relaxation and wellness before the big day.

A Day Full of Preparation and Unity

The wedding day begins with a morning yoga session and a cleansing ceremony with copal led by a shaman. This ancient ritual uses the aromatic resin of the copal tree to spiritually prepare the group for the festivities.

“As the smoke envelops the attendees, the shaman guides them through prayers or chants, facilitating a connection with their inner selves and the nature around them.”

After the cleansing, the Presidential Suite is stocked with freshly made juices, a variety of sweet bread, and a team of stylists in the suite to ensure that the bridal group looks and feels their best for the main event. Additionally, professional stylists offer hair, makeup, and nail services, and the hotel provides dress ironing services to ensure that both the bride’s dress and the attire of their companions look impeccable.

Photo: Presidential Suite, Casa Velas

Casa Velas offers additional services such as wedding coordination, personalized venue decoration, floral arrangements, and live music to create the perfect ambiance for the exchange of vows. With all these experiences designed to pamper and prepare the bridal group, Casa Velas ensures that the big day is memorable not only for the couple but also for those accompanying them on this special occasion.

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