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Mountain biking in Vallarta-Nayarit (part 2)

Things to do

There isn’t a lot to say about the hour and thirty minutes trip, I stopped to take as many pictures as I could and as much water as I was allowed by the guide (If you drink a lot, you become heavier and it is harder to climb).

We passed through some rivers and amazing scenery –to rest for two minutes or so, was to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and to be conscious of your mental and physical potential.

We arrived to our destination, the beautiful waterfall “El Salto” (we were very tired. It had small ponds so we were more than ready to have fun, just like a kid in a water park. We had a great time cooling off and chatting of how difficult it was to ride all the way up.

The fun began on our way back! We checked brakes, had some water, listened to some safety advices.

The return was even funnier –the fatigue was gone, my heart rate increased. Our tour guide told us that the way down was more dangerous, since any stone can cause you an accident. The trees function as walls –you need it some skills to overcome theme, I lost sight of squirrels, birds and iguanas; curves were especially fun because there’s nothing better than feeling like a “Ghost Rider”.

We soon arrived to Vallarta. The ride was about an hour but I felt we rode for 10 minutes only –the adrenaline made me lost track of time. We were all tired but cheerful at the same time, I realized that the 7 people that took the tour (including me) have become really good friends.

We returned to Ecoride and I realized there are still things that can surprise, experiences and sensations that can be explored during your vacations or free time. This is how my experience of mountain biking in Vallarta-Nayarit ends.

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