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Tips for your baby’s first time at the beach

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To take the baby to the beach is a unique and wonderful experience. To see your baby’s face when he or she first feels the texture of the sand is priceless. But some parents do not take the required care and the baby doesn’t feel quite well.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is not advisable to carry a baby less than six months to the beach. This is because your skin is 10 times more sensitive than an adult.

Here I share some basic tips for caring that special person on the beach and spend an amazing time together as a family.

Special sunscreen                                                                         

There are plenty of sunscreens in the market, you just have to check they are for sensitive skin and they must have a high percentage of UV protection. If your baby is less than six months the American Association of Pediatrics (APP) does not recommend applying any lotion.

Best Time

There are two times when the sun lowers its intensity. These are between 8 and 11 in the morning and between 4 and 7 in the afternoon.

Special clothes

A beach hat, a surfer type shirt that covers his/her arms and a water-resistant diaper is all your baby will need to have some extra protection from the sun.

Wrap the baby after bathing

Babies can easily catch cold if they are not clothes immediately after bathing. It is advisable for your baby to wear a romper with hat to protect his/her entire body.

Constant hydration

Do not forget to moisturize at least every hour. The amount doesn’t count as much, what matter is to do it steadily.

Beach Toys

A bucket and shovel is more than enough. There’s no need to carry more toys because the sand will amuse him/her for hours. Besides, it will be easier for you to collect all the toys at the end.

Beach umbrellas

Because it is not healthy for the baby to be exposed to the sunlight, it’s advisable to bring a beach umbrella to protect him/her from the sun while you baby has fun.

I hope these basic tips can help you make your day at the beach with your baby a perfect one. If you have had the chance to take your little one to the beach, what other advices would you add to the list?

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