Puerto Vallarta Weather Treats Travelers to Fun in the Sun " />

Puerto Vallarta Weather Treats Travelers to Fun in the Sun All Year

The Year-Round Reprieve of Puerto Vallarta Weather

Puerto Vallarta Weather

There’s a reason tropical vacations appeal to people across the globe, all year long. That’s because while much of the world gets frosty in the winter and sweltering in the summer, our climate stays relatively the same – perfect. The weather in Puerto Vallarta ranges from sunny all day and clear all night to short spells of rain in the evening. Officially, the “rainy season” stretches from June until mid-October, but very rarely does it interfere with anyone’s plans, as it often comes at the end of the day, just long enough to cool things down. Speaking of which, you can expect summer days to reach an average of 90º F (32º C), with lows of 76º F (24º C). As for winter, highs tend to be around 78-82º F (26º C), cooling off to about 60-65º F (16º C).

How’s the Water?

Just like the weather, the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Puerto Vallarta (also known as Banderas Bay) is perfect all year, in that it closely mirrors the daily high temp. For example, December-April waters range from 75-77º F (24-25º C), clear for snorkelers and divers to see 25-45 feet. In May-November, it varies from 81-86º F (27-30º C), with a visibility of 30-100 feet.

What About Hurricanes?

They are practically never a concern. Our coastal location makes some travelers wary, but in fact, Puerto Vallarta is only been affected by a wayward storm of such kind roughly once every 35 years.

Pack for Warm Days & Cool Nights

No matter when you visit, you’ll want to bring plenty of options as far as attire. Plan on spending your day in light clothing – bathing suits, shorts, and linen. As for the nights, you may want to pack a sweatshirt and pants, because even in the summer the sea breeze can feel quite chilly. And remember: if you take any inland tours, temperatures drop significantly in the Sierra Madre Mountains.

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Puerto Vallarta Weather

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