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Muse, the perfect meditation assistant for your next trip

Meditating is perhaps the best way to relax, to take a moment for yourself and forget about life’s everyday tension. Meditation by the beach is an experience far more effective due to the atmosphere amidst natural sounds. However, beginning to meditate and make it a habit may not be as easy at it sounds. Muse is a great meditation gadget if you are just starting out. If you are already an expert, this assistant can perfectly complement your practice on your next trip.

Muse is a gadget that works as an assistant when it comes to meditation, with a design similar to a Bluetooth headset. The sensory band which is placed on the forehead is composed of 7 calibrated sensors, 2  on the forehead, 2 behind the ears in addition to 3 reference sensors that detect and measure the activity of the mind.

Photo: Muse TM

The brain constantly emits electrical signals when thinking, sleeping and even when you are relaxing. These signals are able to be detected through sensors similar to those used in medical tests such as electroencephalogram or electrocardiogram.

Control the atmosphere with the mind

Its use is very simple. The band connects via Bluetooth to an Android or IOS device for you perform the exercises straight from the application, it is connected to a pair of headphones where you can listen to the sounds it emits.

This meditation assistant translates the brain waves into sounds of climate. For example, when you have a calm mind you are able to hear the gentle waves of the sea, but if you get distracted you will hear a storm.

Wellness for life

Real-time feedback and personalized tracking in the form of an entertainment application allows for motivational challenges with rewards that encourage consistent practice on a regular basis. At the end of the day, Muse not only helps to meditate but also to remain calm, focus attention, learn to control the mind and forget about anxiety or stress.

You can purchase this gadget online from the official Muse website or from Amazon. It is also offered as a special amenity in the Wellness Suites at the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit resort, ideal for all relaxation and well-being enthusiasts.

By Nancy Mendoza


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