Convenient Puerto Vallarta Fight Advice & Airplane Travel Tips " />

Convenient Puerto Vallarta Fight Advice & Airplane Travel Tips

Your Mexican vacation begins when you board the plane, as long as you follow some expert travel tips throughout the flight. Just relax, have a (free) drink, take a walk, & don’t forget to bring things to entertain the kids if you’re flying w/ family.

Travel Tips

Stress-Free Travel with Insightful Puerto Vallarta Flight Advice

When embarking on a tropical getaway, anxieties should melt away the minute you set foot on the plane. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, but you can minimize transit stress by doing things like booking your flight early so you can choose your favorite seat, checking in with plenty of time before takeoff, and asking if there’s any chance for an upgrade when you do.

Fly Direct When You Can

This goes without saying, but nonstop flights eliminate any worries of missing your connection. Lucky for you, Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR) welcomes direct flights from upwards of 50 major cities around the world, such as New York City, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, and London.

Start Your Vacation in the Sky

Beer, wine, and cocktails are almost always complimentary on international flights. What better way to start relaxing than over your favorite drink or few?

Moderate Your Intake

That said, don’t overdo it. Alcohol can not only change the way we behave, but our sensitivity to motion sickness – and no one enjoys being ill on an airplane.

Take a Walk at 30,000 Feet

Treat your feet to a stroll around the cabin. It’s not only good to get up and stretch, but important to prevent circulation issues, swelling and cramping.

Plan Your Itinerary

Spring for Wi-Fi and iron out any unplanned tours or recreation you’ll be enjoying during your stay. It’s also a great chance to enrich your trip with local history, as well as researching sights and bites you won’t want to miss.

Entertain the Kids

A tablet is a child’s best friend. Sure, activities like puzzles and coloring books are enriching ways to keep kids entertained, but you’ll be glad you filled their iPad with movies and educational games after an hour or two. Don’t forget to do the same for yourself. And pack plenty of everyone’s favorite snacks.

Travel Tips

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