Addicted to Technology? It’s Time for a Digital Detox " />

Addicted to Technology? It’s Time for a Digital Detox

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Day to day, we are absorbed by the different social channels that this new technological world offers and the demand for attention increases drastically. As a consequence, we get exhausted faster and our ability to focus diminishes gradually.

Our devices, more than often, feel more like an extension of our hand; we can even identify the different types of social media addicts within our friends: the oversharer, the liker, the refresher (I have to admit I suffer from this) and the commentator. The only way to tackle these behaviors is to stop feeding the addiction, in other words: Let’s have a digital detox getaway.

Once in a while we need to switch-off from every electronic device; it is an excellent way to recharge batteries and stay productive in such a demanding environment. By doing a digital detox, we give our minds an opportunity to step up momentarily and we encourage ourselves to think outside the box, coming up with different perspectives about a determined subject.

When having screen-free time, you will be able to spend time as you wish, without minding others’ ideas or demands – It is the perfect chance to recharge and rest. You need to evaluate the most suitable time for you to disconnect from everything and everyone (especially from work) and set the purpose for this detox: Is it for spending quality time with your loved ones? Or do you need to rest and think?

Now it is time to plan your switch-off from the digital society. Scheduled activities you really enjoy like traveling, cooking, dancing, reading or any hobby you really love to do; spending time outside can reconnect you with nature.

But if you are looking for a more guided way of planning your digital detox, there are some companies that organize these retreatments; you can even find luxury resorts that will offer this service as a part of their All Inclusive package.

So, are you up for the challenge?



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