16 Gifts that a Traveler Will Love. " />

16 Gifts that a Traveler Will Love

The best thing that you can give someone is something useful or that makes it easy to do the things they like to do. If you have a traveler in your life (or you are one yourself), and you’re looking for the perfect gift, here are 16 gifts that a traveler will love.

Kit for sleeping during a trip


A pillow that goes around the neck, or “ostrich pillow” (great for travel), ear plugs, eye mask … everything necessary to fall asleep during the trip and recharge your batteries for the adventure that awaits.


scale to travelers

A manual scale is necessary for weighing your bags before heading to the airport.

Rechargeable battery and/or universal adaptor



In an emergency situation, you need a phone with battery.


compass to travelers

It’s easy to lose your way or deviate from the path, especially when you’re in an unknown place. A compass can really help you find your way.

Windbreaker / Rain coat


Strong winds and rain can attack a traveler at any time. Recommended jackets are good quality and weigh very little, easy to carry but very durable.

Cork board map


Or, a globe where you can mark every place you visit. Seeing so many places to travel, the person can feel even more motivated to explore.

Money Jar

money jar to travelers

Saving is one of the most important things a traveler can do. A money jar can be a motivator – you know you need to fill it up for your next trip.


notebook to travelers

A notebook or diary where you can describe every experience and retain memories forever; the next bestselling book could even start here.

Rough use camara

go-pro to travelers

This is essential for an adventurer; the perfect companion that can follow your lead without suffering any damage.


a album to travelers

An album not only for collecting photos, but for any type of souvenir like postcards, stickers, leaves, stamps, etc.


backpack to travelers

A good multi-use backpack with lots of compartments for carrying everything necessary during a trip. There are even backpacks that can wash clothes – an excellent option!

Passport carrier

Passport carrier

Something that the traveler would like, and that you can have personalized with a name, character or phrase.

Book or e-Reader

kindle to travelers

A good book that inspires them to travel or can entertain them on long trips. An e-Reader is also an option, so they can select and save the books they want to read.

Canteen with water filter

camteen with water filter

When I first saw these canteens, I thought it was an amazing idea. They are individual water bottles with a filter, which help you avoid dehydration when camping or exploring.


camping, tent

A must-have for every traveler. The chance to go camping could arise at any moment, which is why having a good tent on hand is of utmost importance.


mug to travelers

I’m leaving this one for last, because it’s a really good idea. Many travelers have to spend hours and hours at the office during the week. A mug can remind them of what they have to look forward to on the weekend or bring back memories of a trip they took. It’s great motivation to finish out the work day.

I am of those people who thinks that you don’t need a special occasion to give a gift. So, don’t wait for a birthday or Christmas to give someone a tool that could help them on their next adventure.

If you have any other recommendations, please leave them in the comments for our readers who are searching for the perfect gift.   


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