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What makes the Casa Velas experience so amazing?

by Nyima Bieber

For me memorable restaurants and hotels create an overall experience. You want to take away only positives without negatives to overshadow. Friendly attentive service must accompany a delicious meal. Attention to detail in hotels and willingness to help- people who seem to enjoy their line of work. If ever I lose sight of one of these aspects my husband is always ready to jump in, with a line like “yes the prawn dish was delicious but remember how long it took to get the check?” Oh thank goodness for my better but critical half. When they say they can please the most demanding client, they are talking about him.

Pleasing a range of different interests and tastes is difficult, to say the least. There are those who want to be pampered and doted upon, while others consider this treatment smothering. Some would like to enjoy a long, drawn out meal while others have had a long day and are in a hurry to get home and get to bed. Being intuitive about guest’s needs is a key aspect to creating a memorable experience.

The Casa Velas staff seems to have mastered the art of pleasant service and anticipation of guest’s needs. Maybe it’s the natural grace of Mexican hospitality that seems ingrained from a very young age- it just makes you feel comfortable and at home. The service is personalized- they will remember your name and your preferred drink. It seems like a genuine interest is taken in you and your enjoyment, and the smiling, knowledgeable staff is there to make sure you not only have what you need but are continually surprised by the extent of their expertise and level of care.

Want to chat with the bartender about your golf game or the local area? They are more than willing. Desire a secluded romantic getaway? You won’t even know they are there.

After a visit to this exclusive boutique hotel, my faith in the perfect overall experience was renewed. And yes, even Mr. Man had great things to say. It’s easy to see why the people of Casa Velas are its greatest asset. The tropical gardens, sparkling pool, private ocean club and excellent gourmet food by any city’s standards are well complemented by the special brand of service in which they excel.

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Live this unique experience.

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