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Whale watching in Vallarta and everything you need to know

Most travelers look for a warm place to escape the cold during winter. This is not only a choice for us, but also a natural process in many species worldwide; today, we are talking specifically about whales.

Some species, such as humpback whales, migrate from north to south to warmer waters in the Puerto Vallarta sea, which is why, year after year, the whale watching of this species in a natural spectacle is a jewel, even from the balcony of your hotel’s room.

Photo by Puerto Vallarta

Before visiting the humpback whales

Photo by wirestock via Freepik

Whale watching in Vallarta

From mid-December to mid-April, humpback whales arrive in the Bay of Banderas. Its water has the perfect temperature to spend the winter and especially to mate, give birth, and for the calves to learn to swim in the calm currents of the region.

In Puerto Vallarta, many official tours have special certifications to take care of the environment of these giants, such as EcoTours Vallarta, Vallarta Adventures, or Vallarta Natours. Review the options and live unique experiences on your vacation.

You could also pack some binoculars if you have an ocean view from your hotel because these cetaceans come out to play, and you can see them perfectly in the morning.

Enjoy the experience!

Photo by wirestock via Freepik
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