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Visit Talpa de Allende

Located almost 4‚000 feet above sea level‚ Talpa is a popular religious destination with a beautiful cathedral flanked by a well?kept museum which is testament to the people’ devotion to the Virgen del Rosario. Thousands of believers come to praise the Virgin‚ especially during the October celebrations when she is taken to the main square‚ bathed and given new clothes.

Food is a special treat in Talpa and there are several eateries worth exploring. El Herradero (only a couple of blocks from the main square)‚ offers traditional Mexican dishes‚ while the restaurant at the Casa Grande Hotel has delicious cuts of meat at very reasonable prices. When the wind blows in Talpa‚ you can smell the sweetness of the guava; the scent comes from the production of guava fruit rolls that are delicious and extremely popular in the area‚ so forget about sugar restrictions and try this luscious candy.


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