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Visit Sayulita

By Haydé Escalante


If you are visiting Vallarta- Nayarit, going to Sayulita is a must. It is a town that is famous with surfers around the planet and is located 25 miles from Puerto Vallarta.
Getting to Sayulita is pretty easy– you’ll find public transportation that leaves directly from Puerto Vallarta; the bus line is called Compostela and the buses are white and green. They leave the port every half hour, and the cost is $30 pesos. The road to get to the town is breathtaking; the beautiful tropical flora surrounds your vehicle. And if you are like me and it is the first time you encounter this type of beauty, you will be as excited as I was.


Once you enter the village you will feel the vibrant energy that is characteristic of this place. The colorful houses and local shops will catch your eye; on your way to the beach you will bump into amazing little shops that sell typical Mexican garments. The beach of Sayulita is very pretty, and if you are into surfing, you have come to paradise

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The people of Sayulita are very nice and totally laid back- they are not in any rush whatsoever. Many of them are expats that want to relax and start living the good life. If you ask for directions they will give you the right ones- not like in other places where they send you to the farthest spot away.


Don’t even get me started on the food. The gastronomical options you have in Sayulita are endless; it all depends on your personal taste, from street food to gourmet cuisine and all of them delicious. My personal advice: near the plaza there’s a taco place that sells the most delicious hibiscus quesadillas– try them!


If you are a coffee lover, Sayulita offers an exceptional option for you. Yah-Yah Café is an excellent place to relax and enjoy of the town’s plaza while charging up your caffeine levels.  My experience there was great- the staff always welcomes you with a big smile. Advice: Try the Dirty Chai Latte, one of the greatest Chai Teas I have ever tried.


This January from the 16th to the 19th, the town is holding the Festival Sayulita featuring films, tequila, food, music and surf.


Visit Sayulita! Enjoy the sunshine, the peaceful beach, shop and eat amazing food. What more can you ask for?
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