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Velas Vallarta – A Green Hotel

For many years Velas Vallarta has been an environmentally friendly resort that works hard to involve its collaborators and the community at large in their Green Globe Program.

This all?out effort includes a state?of?the?art water treatment plant where soap water is recycled and then reused to irrigate the gardens and clean the property‚ while solar panels provide hot water to 160 suites‚ thus saving a considerable amount of gas. Guests are provided with only the finest biodegradable soap and shampoo that will not harm the environment. In the last three years‚ the Green Globe Program at Velas Vallarta has helped reduce energy consumption by 25%.

At Velas‚ special care is given to the preservation of flora & fauna‚ including turtles‚ multi?colored fish‚ large iguanas and magnificent peacocks which can be seen throughout the property. Children can feed the animals and learn to respect their natural habitat‚ an important lesson for all.


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