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Vallarta’s Collection of Sunsets

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This is, probably, the cheesiest note I’d dare to write, either that or I’m probably lying, but well … it is inevitable for me to share one of the simple pleasures of life and since I moved to the city of Puerto Vallarta, I try to enjoy them whenever I have the chance. I’m talking about collecting sunsets.

I love when one evening finds me after having worked all day. To see the exact moment when the sun is confused with the horizon is one of the best natural shows in the world.

Every day is different; I like those evenings when the sky seems a nice accident, as when a glass of red wine on a pristine blue canvas spills. Also those skies bathed in light and sunrays that dye of golden the sea; cloudy summer days with red flashes turning into pink, just like cotton candy; and Sundays with hints of a purple sky that merge with the endless blue of the ocean.

Last Saturday, I was walking along the boardwalk around 6:40 pm, just the time when the sun goes down and the problems seem small. I looked up, watched the birds and palm trees, and watched other lives passing by while all of them glow under a perfect sunset.  That sun that falls and bounces on a sumptuous symphony of life and color.

If you, just like me, enjoy sunsets, I recommend that the next time you visit Vallarta-Nayarit and find yourself exploring the region, go to the nearest café or bar where you can sit and accompany the view with a glass of wine, a beer or a good book.


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