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Vallarta-Nayarit: A Favorite Vacation Destination

By Betsua Salazar
Translated by Haydé Escalante


vacaciones en vallarta-nayarit

Recently the famous actress Vanessa Johnston and singer-actress Etty Lau tweeted about their stay in the Riviera Nayarit; also known as the “the treasure of the Mexican Pacific”. The destination has become a favorite among tourists for vacation, rest or even to improve one’s health. This is all thanks to its beautiful beaches, weather, world-renowned gastronomy and above all the warmth of its residents.
Vallarta-Nayarit is located on Banderas Bay. Over the years it has become an established tourist destination, offering visitors the perfect opportunity for relaxation. Here they can find plenty of options for having fun and discovering new adventures, regardless of their age.
vacaciones en vallarta-nayarit
This region is a paradise where aside from practicing aquatic sports, ecotourism, or extreme sports (such as canopy tours) there are constant opportunities for really connecting with the natural world. It is very common to see dolphins throughout the year and even turtles laying their eggs.
vacaciones en vallarta-nayarit
Those who are vacationing in Vallarta-Nayarit should not forget that there are certain seasons for specific activities. For example whale watching can take place from December to March, and it is almost impossible to snorkel at Los Arcos or go parasailing during the rainy season.
But, if we are talking about the entire year in general, a visit to El Malecón is a must,  to take the obligatory photo on the Playa de los Muertos Pier or by the seahorse statue. At night you can enjoy the best nightclubs in the country and a number of gourmet restaurants by the sea.
So if you haven’t visited Vallarta-Nayarit don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience this paradise. I can assure you that you will love it. If you have been here, tell us about your experience. Would you vacation here again?
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