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Vallarta Gallerias

Yesterday I went to the newest mall in Puerto Vallarta. It is called Vallarta Gallerias and it is located about 15 minutes from Grand Velas and about 2 minutes from Marina Vallarta next to the WalMart shopping center. This mall is the best in Vallarta because they have the best of the best stores. Liverpool department store, which is equivelant to Macys is my favorite. The Gallerias also has a number of great boutiques, a movie theater playing all the latest movies from the US and Mexico, ice cream and coffer shops (starbucks!) and an actual casino. I have never played in the casino but from the looks of it, they have a lot of slot machines and some gaming tables. My friends tell me it is a pretty good time. Oh, and the best part of my Gallerias experience is that there happened to be a lot of sales this week so I was able to get a lot of nice things at a reasonably low cost. My favorite!
Also, if you are looking for something different to do with your kids on a hot afternoon, this place is also nice for them because they have a train that they can ride around the mall as well as a game area where they can do arts and crafts and play with other kids. The Gallerias has a little something for everyone.


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