Vallarta by Bike


Vallarta by Bike

By Javier Machain

Exercise is one of the main recommendations for a healthy life, and in Puerto Vallarta an initiative has begun to promote physical activity among the population of this tourist destination.

Vallarta en bici

Every Wednesday a large group of cyclists gather at the entrance of the Marina Vallarta, just a few minutes before 9:00 pm (start time) to begin the ride down the main street of the city, Francisco Medina Asencio. They visit points of interest before ending on the malecón.

For the safety of all participants in the activity, the group is escorted from beginning to end by transit police.

This is an excellent opportunity to spend time as a family in a healthy and fun way. If you are vacationing and want to join in, there are bikes available free of charge for enjoying Vallarta while getting a bit of exercise.


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