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Freeing the turtles: an amazing experience.

by Julieta Del Toro

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful and well-known tourist destinations in all of Mexico.  It is also the favorite site of various species such as majestic whales, dolphins, and sea lions. Among all of the animals that visit Puerto Vallarta, some of the most interesting are the giant sea turtles that return year after year to the golden beaches to lay their eggs. In recognition of these beautiful animals and in order to preserve and protect the species, the government and private businesses have created programs to collect the turtle eggs and guard them during their incubation process until the baby turtles can be released and return to the sea. 

Species such as the Gulf Turtle (lepidochelys olivácea) and the Laúd Turtle (dermochelys coriácea), are some of the many that visit the tranquil beaches of the Pacific Coast.

It all starts at the beginning of June. Camps are established on the key beaches of the Bay of Banderas, the eggs that are found are deposited in turtle corrals and observed by various organizations, and the general public often helps.  Here the eggs will stay for their 45- 50 day incubation period. Then, during the final days of August, the baby turtles are released. The release coincides with the summer season, in which vacationers are able to participate in this unique and special activity.

Join this beautiful activity, and experience with your kids of the opportunity to set these dear friends free!

Courtesy of Riviera Nayarit Convention and Events Bureau

Courtesy of Riviera Nayarit Convention and Events Bureau


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