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7 Summer Activities For Kids

“Because it is summer and memories are just waiting to be made.”


By Haydé Escalante

Summer is the time of the year for exploring, for making new friends, for being free from school and homework and more importantly, for spending time with family. Whether you stay home or decide to hit the road and travel somewhere new, you can make this the best summer ever for your kids.

Inspire them to do something new; this is the season to relax, play and experiment with creativity.

Set limits on technology:

The more you limit screen time the more your kids will have the opportunity to get creative with their free time. They can become surprisingly used to drifting away from the TV, tablet and video games.

DIY alebrijes

Plan some amazing family activities:

Get out of the routine and schedule exciting things to do. If you are on vacation somewhere new, explore the area! Ask the activity desk at your hotel for family tour recommendations to help you discover the wonders of the destination.

familia nadando con delfines en el parque acuático Aquaventuras de Dolphin Discovery en Riviera Nayarit

Take a class together:

Learning something new together is a great way to connect with your kids. Try cooking classes, art classes or even language lessons- it will be fun for both of you.




Check out day camps:

Some resorts and hotels offer day camps during the summer that keep your children active so they can exercise while having fun!

summer camp at grand velas va

Make reading fun:

Read aloud with your kids to encourage them to read more. Plus, they’ll be exercising their imagination and creativity.


Movie time:

Watch your children’s favorite movies; set up a special screening with cushions and blankets and healthy snacks.

movia time at grand velas

Go stargazing:

If you are going on holiday to a place that has a cloudless sky, take advantage of it and go stargazing with your kids. See which constellations you can find together- learn and have a new adventure.

family gateaway

Most of all, enjoy your time with family and have a great summer together!


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