The Romance of whale watching in Puerto Vallarta " />

The Romance of whale watching in Puerto Vallarta this Winter

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Nature has a way of bringing us closer to everything – ourselves, itself, & the ones we love. That’s what makes whale watching in Puerto Vallarta such a dream, as dolphins and turtles escort humpbacks alongside guided boat tours all season long.

We humans aren’t the only one that love the warm waters of Banderas Bay. Every winter, humpback whales swim from across the globe to breed and birth off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. Whale watching tours sail daily this time of year, offering passengers intimate glimpses of these majestic animals in their natural environment, as mothers swim with their young and males leap from the water in magnificent splashing breaches.

Many boats are equipped with a hydrophone as well, allowing everyone to hear the serene beauty of their famous songs as they communicate in the waters below. Of course, anytime you’re out to sea on the Mexican coast, there’s no end to the wildlife you might encounter, with frequent visits from manta rays, sea turtles, pelicans, and synchronized pods of dolphins – sometimes more than 100 deep!

Sailing daily from nearby Vallarta Yacht Club, this is the first local tour provider to actually guarantee whale sightings all season. That’s because they’re owned and operated by certified Marine Biologists, meaning not only are they adept at tracking humpbacks, but the information they provide is equal parts enlightening fact and first-hand experience.

Their boats seat 16 passengers, with tours limited to 10 so everyone has plenty of room to move around. Don’t worry about taking pictures, though. Captain Elsa and company will be snapping professional pics for you to download online later (totally free of charge), so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the sights. Discount reservations are available online, or you’ll receive 20% off regular prices ($99 for adults, $69 for children) if you pay with cash at the marina

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