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The Rains are Finally Here!

Por Alma González

Puerto Vallarta Rain

The rains are finally here! Still, it’s a great time to pack your bags and visit Puerto Vallarta. This destination has a wonderful climate ranging between 20 and 33 degrees Celsius from June to September. Mornings and late afternoons are typically sunny, so you can absolutely relax on the beach; nights are usually accompanied by soft, cool rains, although you may also see some thunderstorms. I can assure you that you will be delighted by the stunning displays of lightning and bright rays making lines across the cloudy skies over the bay.

So.. … there’s nothing to worry about! Fun is guaranteed here regardless of time or weather, whether it’s diving or surfing in the blue waters of the Pacific at one of our beaches or visiting a magical village. Just walking the boardwalk is an adventure in and of itself: crafts, food, gifts, galleries, restaurants, typical architecture and so much more. In every corner you will find beautiful and delightful sights and sounds.

A rainy day in Puerto Vallarta doesn’t put an end to the fun, and Velas Resorts has a list of activities for any day that can make your stay full of joy and entertainment. How about a dart tournament or game of tennis? There are also foosball competitions and even dance classes, which are my personal favorite.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Puerto Vallarta– an amazing vacation awaits at any time of year!

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