The 10 most popular walks in Vallarta-Nayarit P.2 " />

The 10 most popular walks in Vallarta-Nayarit P.1

So you plan to visit Vallarta-Nayarit! a unique destination located on the Pacific Coast, a destination with the perfect blend of the most beautiful beaches and sunsets, artistic-cultural flavor and the best venues for live ecotourism.

Here I share 10 most popular walks in Vallarta-Nayarit you can not miss.

  • The Malecón; The most popular, entertaining and more sightseeing, a hub of activity in the city since the third decade of the twentieth century instead. And today you can enjoy it and its beautiful sunsets, completely remodeled and improved. watch the sea, the bay and the beautiful sunsets. The boardwalk also remains a center of night activity, clubs, bars and discos. Be sure to enjoy the essence of this beautiful city.
  • Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe; A symbol of the city, not only for its history but for its beauty that dominates the landscape of this city. The church remains active every day, from dawn to their masses. It can be visited most of the day and has them in English and Spanish.
  • Zona Romántica; One of the busiest sections of the city. The streets and the historical center sector are paved and the sidewalks have been remodeled to follow the design of the area north of the Cuale. Here you find the action, utility, and traditional. everything within reach.
  • Playa los Muertos; Its sinister name derives, according to the most accepted of archaeological remains that were unearthed in the area that belonged to local indigenous tribes theory. There is always busy at Playa Los Muertos, many bars and restaurants, they will be able to enjoy local dishes, especially with the fishing place.
  • Isla Rio Cuale; Un rincón medio escondido, te encuentras en una especie de parque, con grandes árboles vegetación densa, pasajes y abundantes opciones, desde restaurantes y cafés, hasta pequeñas tiendas y puestos donde encontrarás  ropa, adornos, joyas y mucho más. La isla también tiene un museo, el Centro Cultural Río Cuale y una plaza conmemorativa con una escultura de John Huston. Vale la pena visitarlo para relajarse un rato, es especialmente emocionante si llegan por alguno de los puentes colgantes del lado sur.

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