Surf San Pancho for Some of the Best Recreation in RN " />

Surf San Pancho for Some of the Best Recreation in Riviera Nayarit

Surfing is about so much more than catching waves. It’s about savoring nature, soaking in the sun & sea, meeting friendly locals, sharing time in paradise with friends & loved ones. All this awaits in sleepy San Pancho, just 20 miles north of PV.

Surf San Pancho

A Wave-Riders Paradise Awaits When You Surf San Pancho


20 miles / 40 minutes

Serene mountain vistas, towering palm trees, bright blue water, and lively swells – Riviera Nayarit surfing is a beach-lover’s dream, especially with a sleepy fishing village to laze around in before and after hitting the waves. All these things await in nearby San Pancho, aptly known as the “Cultural Heartbeat of the State of Nayarit.”

What’s All This About “San Francisco?”

San Pancho

The official Mexican name of the village is actually San Francisco, but everyone calls it “San Pancho,” that way surfers don’t end up chasing the waves 2,000 miles north instead of just 20. All the two destinations have in common, though, is their name. Our beach town neighbor boasts sunsets that literally leave people clapping, with acres of sand to stretch out on – minus the loud crowds, parasols, and beds for rent. The streets are cobblestone, people as friendly as can be, even the truck drivers sing with their windows down!

Local Surfing Specifics

Enough about the charms of San Pancho, you want to know about the surfing. Altogether, there are 12+ killer surf spots within a short drive, all offering easy access both from the beach and in the water. Sayulita is legendary for its surf as well (less than five minutes away), while San Pancho’s exposed reef makes for a long, strong left break with epic west-southwest groundswell. As for wind, expect it to stir things up out of the east, but only in ideal conditions.

How to Get There

Strap your boards atop a rental car, catch the green / white COMPOSTELA bus to San Francisco, or take one to Sayulita and hitch a taxi the rest of the way.

Surf San Pancho

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