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SPA Butler Interview – Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit


Nelly Montalvo- Spa Butler

Nelly has being working at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit for over 2 years. Her main activity is guiding Spa clients through the Grand Velas Water Ritual; an extraordinary, personalized journey to prepare and purify the body, mind and spirit. The Water Ritual is a moment of true wellness and an unforgettable experience for our guests. Aside from providing guidance during the ritual, Nelly harmonizes the various areas of the Spa with elements to please your senses; a breeze of citrus aromas, music with the natural sounds of nature, beautiful flower mandalas and delicious fruit, nuts and flavored waters to balance the spirit.

Nelly, what is the Grand Velas Water Ritual?
It is a personalized journey through seven water elements. It takes you on a purifying sensatory journey, beginning with a delightful and refreshing rain shower. This is followed by the dry heat of our infrared sauna that aids the body in releasing toxins through the skin.

The hot phase is always followed by a cold phase to close the pores and cleanse the skin. The steam with eucalyptus inhalation helps to clear the lungs and features chromo-therapy- a quartz centerpiece tints the steam with seven colors to restore the balance and frequency of the seven chakras. The next step is hydro-reflexology to stimulate the souls of the feet with bubbling water as the guest enjoys a refreshing Spa beverage with a combination of tropical fruits to fully hydrate the body.

The hydro-massage is next, to release tense muscles, followed by the warm and polar lagoons to reinforce the immune system and activate the metabolism. The experience concludes in a relaxing lounge chair, enveloped in a silky microfiber robe with cucumber ice pads on the eyes, before being lead by a Spa therapist to begin a healing therapy.

How does the ritual help your guests?
The Grand Velas Water Ritual brings balance and purifies body, mind and spirit. It prepares the body, relaxes the muscles and unwinds the mind to receive blessings and healing therapies. It is true “ME” time that brings a sense of wellness, comfort and connection with a magic moment Grand Velas.

Is there a specific part of the ritual you recommend the most?
As a total Journey, each step is important. I think completing the entire sequence is essential. By combining the features, temperatures and water elements of the Ritual we achieve the results we are looking for. That being said, there is a particular part I think is a key element; the plunge lagoons give you the chance to revitalize yourself completely and have more “ME” time, where you just let yourself go and feel serenity and inner peace.

What do you love most about your job?
I´m very happy with all I do. Our team is amazing and well integrated. I would say the part I love the most is seeing how guests transform throughout the process and seeing the levels of peace and relaxation they feel after doing the ritual. It makes me feel that I contributed to their wellbeing.


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