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Sea Lion Encounter!

by Julieta Del Toro

Without a doubt, a great way to have fun and enjoy the marvelous diversity of marine species that inhabit Puerto Vallarta is by participating in one of the activities that allows you to get close to them.

A favorite among tourists of all ages is the Sea Lion encounter. These funny mustached aquatic mammals known for their intelligence, playfulness and peculiar sounds, are relatives of seals. Similar to their seal relatives, they have external ears, long flexible necks, elastic limbs and tail fins that can be used to walk on land. They differ from seals because they have thin, short, coarse hair instead of smooth thick hair.

Most people do not have the opportunity to observe Sea Lions in the sea, and for this reason Puerto Vallarta offers unique tours that give people the opportunity to get close to and interact with them. In addition to being entertaining “Swim with Sea Lions” programs educate visitors. With the help of trained staff, participants get to know and learn all about these incredible creatures. This is a fabulous experience that can’t be missed on your next trip to Puerto Vallarta.



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