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Scenic Vallarta-Nayarit Surfing in Punta Burros & Beyond

Learn to surf, rent a board, or bring your own to the best spots to catch a wave in Banderas Bay. Within an hour north or south, dozens of breaks beckon riders – from friendly churns to massive crashers & curling barrels the size of a football field.

Where to Find the Best Vallarta-Nayarit Surfing

The romance of riding a curling wave into the sunset is something most people dream, but never realize, because knowing where and when it’s best to surf is an art in and of itself. Lucky for you, surfing in Vallarta-Nayarit is never hard to find. Most hotspots have surf shops with board rentals and pros available to teach you the nuances of local waters. All you have to do is choose which place sounds best suited to your tastes. Some of the most popular places to catch waves near PV include:

Punta Burros

Though a little tricky to get to (Hwy 200 north of PV, near Palladium Vallarta Resort), many consider this home to the best wave in Banderas Bay. It’s a right-breaking ride that’s suitable to beginners at its smallest and advanced riders when roaring. Altogether, over 300 days a year promise a great break, with 5-10ft faces and a long ride.

La Caleta & Chacala

About two hours from PV, the southern end of the beach at Chacala features a pleasant barrel wave that’s friendly for beginners. Just to the north you’ll find a 300ft roller at La Caleta.

Lo De Marcos

Waves here range from tepid to raging. That said, their churning aftermath makes for wicked boogie boarding.


A Riviera favorite for surfers of all skill levels, this is probably the best place to learn in all the bay. Steady friendly waves and locals who love the sport, it’s a legendary surfing destination for all sorts of reasons.


Perfect for surfers craving a practically private day on the water, you can only get to this sleepy village in Cabo Corrientes by boat.

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