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Sand Sculptures in Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta … majestic city with lots of fun, amazing food, ecotourism and of course, culture. Throughout the Boardwalk, you will see beautiful sculptures; especially on the beach area you will appreciate beautiful sand sculptures. These are composed by talent, hard hours under the sun and the relaxing sound of the waves.

The protagonists are street artists; people dedicated to sculpt in exchange for the spectators’ tip, showing their work at all hours of day and night. Some are decorated with lights, stones and colored powders to give some dynamism to the solid color of the sand.

There are records that these sculptures have measured over three meters, having as a base a wooden structure with sand.

The theme of the sand sculptures in Puerto Vallarta is carried out according to the current season; it could be Easter, summer, Christmas –they even had a wonderful themed sculpture based on the famous Mayan calendar and featuring the Baktun 13.

They usually last up to 20 days; mostly, the deterioration is caused by the sea breeze, the sun, a weather event or a curious child who draws his hands on the figure, but do not worry the artists are always doing more sculptures with imagination, patience and dedication.

To see the sand sculptures is a great option when visiting Puerto Vallarta. Remember to leave a tip to all the great artists so they can continue promoting the talent in this port; the world’s friendliest city.

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