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San Sebastian del Oeste

Along the same highway 200‚ some 90 minutes away from PV‚ is the old mining town of San Sebastian‚ hidden in the mountains of the Sierra Madre that practically surround Vallarta. You might feel you have traveled back in time to an abandoned community‚ but no‚ there are still some 600 people living at San Sebastian.

At the heart of the town is the typical cobblestoned plaza‚ surrounded by white buildings‚ the cathedral and a kiosk at the center‚ all of which gives visitors the perfect image of a 19th century town. The original cathedral dedicated to Saint Sebastian dates back to the 17th century‚ but was rebuilt in 1868 after it was destroyed by an earthquake. Only ruins are left from the once booming gold and silver mines which closed in the 1930s‚ so it’s better to spend some time walking through the thick green forest‚ enjoy the sounds of nature and the breathtaking panoramic view of the Sierra Madre mountains.

There are a couple of good restaurants in San Sebastian‚ such as Cristy and Coco where they serve freshly made pasta‚ or you can try El Fortín located at the northeast corner of the plaza‚ which offers a different menu every day. You can take a full?day bus tour to San Sebastian which lasts approximately 7 hours; check the schedule at or call them toll free


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