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Visit San Blas

If you enjoy ecotourism, you’ll love San Blas, a small fishing village of about 12,000 people, north of Puerto Vallarta. Take a boat ride or go hiking through the jungle, go surfing, whale watching or relax and enjoy the unspoiled beaches. There are no condos, malls or stoplights, but there is a great Cultural Center that has old photos of San Blas and sponsors concerts and plays. You can also visit the crocodile farm at Singayta where you can free a crocodile into the wild, tour the village, ride in little boat through the mangrove wetlands of La Tovara where you will experience nature like you’ve never experienced it before. Its actually a pretty wild to see crocodiles just feet aways!
San blas also has a few other historical sites to visit such as an old fort and battle ground. I really recommend this as a daytrip. Visit for more info.


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