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Renewal of the Malecón in Puerto Vallarta

As part of the Integral Plan for the Centro Histórico del Puerto, the remodeling of the Malecón will make it even more appealing to the thousands of tourists who visit the historic downtown area, one of the main attractions of this beach destination.

Municipal authorities announced that as part of the work being done, a natural stone colonial floor will be laid, lighting will be improved, and two lanes will be constructed for the movement of vehicles. A pier will be built on Los Muertos beach and sidewalks will be widened to increase the flow of foot traffic and with it, economic prosperity.

Mayor Salvador González Reséndiz indicated that 9 out of every 10 tourists visit the city center. With the objective of offering a better image to visitors, they began the renovation of the Malecón and are committed to opening it to tourists in two months, when the hardest of the work has been completed.

He also stated that while the Municipal Government is conscious that small inconveniences will occur during the process, “these projects are necessary in order to strengthen the zone and promote better conditions for both national and international tourists”.

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