Relaxing Puerto Vallarta Tours of Las Caletas Beach Hideaway " />

Relaxing Puerto Vallarta Tours of Las Caletas Beach Hideaway

Looking for a secluded alternative to the bustling beaches of Puerto Vallarta? Book a daylong getaway to Las Caletas Beach Hideaway – accessible only by boat – where seaside hammocks, an open bar, hilltop spa, snorkeling & paddlebaording await.


Escape to Las Caletas Beach on Relaxed Puerto Vallarta Tours


Vallarta Adventures





Secreted away 45 minutes down the bay from PV, the former home of Hollywood legend John Huston sits stuck in time, lovingly preserved by the Chacala Indians and local tour group, Vallarta Adventures. Accessible only by boat, it’s an exclusive reprieve for travelers who crave an even slower pace than Puerto Vallarta. Las Caletas Beach tours offer a taste of everything Banderas Bay has to offer, from close encounters with parrots and monkeys to paddleboarding, snorkeling, and kayaking. That’s not to mention the hammocks on the beach, paella cooking lessons, open bar, and hilltop Oceanview Spa Center.

About That Paella…

In addition to your Mexican buffet lunch, you’re invited to learn how to make the famous Spanish dish for guests of your own. Loaded with fresh-caught shrimp, crab, clams, squib, octopus, mussels, lobster, and white fish, it’s literally the taste of the sea all in one (two, three, or many more) bite(s).

Treat Yourself to a Little Something Extra

Several options await to enhance your Las Caletas escape, including:

  • Spa Services
  • Clay Modeling
  • Sea Lion Encounters
  • Stingray Encounters
  • Power Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Flyboarding

The Ultimate Date Night

For the utmost romance, make your trip to Las Caletas Hideaway a sunset cruise you’ll never forget. Darkness falls and torches guide your catamaran to shore, where a candlelit dinner of traditionally prepared steak, chicken, fish, tortillas, and rice pudding. After the meal, drums start beating and a live show begins, telling the tale of ancient Mexico in a performance choreographed by a student of Cirque du Solei.


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