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Quirogolf Massage: the latest in therapeutic treatments

by Manuel Calderon de la Barca

Natura Bissé is a pioneer brand in the world of fine cosmetics and treatments and is used in the most sophisticated spas, such as the Spa at Casa Velas and the Spa at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, both certified by The Leading Spas of the World. Now the avant-garde company goes above and beyond to create an unprecedented alliance with the most exclusive resorts in Mexico, allowing golf aficionados and non-aficionados alike to distinguish themselves from other players with a luxury experience that transports them to a new world of sensations.

Golf en Puerto Vallarta, Casa Velas

The Quirogolf Massage is a profound body treatment whose therapeutic manipulations are based on four elements working in synergy: relaxation, heating of the muscular system, treatment of specific areas and assistance with stretching to improve flexibility in the body.


Seeks alignment of the body by applying pressure to different areas, accompanied by deep inhalations of an aroma created exclusively for this treatment.


Rhythmic strokes with the palms of the hands and circular or rocking motions applied according to individual needs to heat the specific areas where the body is experiencing discomfort, contractions and inflammation.


For this step two exclusive NATURA BISSÉ golf balls are necessary. These elements, essential to the practice of the sport, become an extension of the therapist’s hands in order to reach deeper areas of the muscle and allow better access to the neck and certain joints. The golf balls slide over the musculature of the body to stimulate, tone, nourish and strengthen any area. Profound knowledge of the meridians and points that coincide with affected areas provides immediate relief.


The grand finale of this revolutionary massage is provided by stretching; key movements in the maintenance of the physical form when practicing sports in general. The therapist and client collaborate during this session to completely eliminate muscular tension.

Whether you are a golf enthusiast or simply desire an incredible therapeutic experience, Natura Bissé and Velas Resorts guarantee that the new Quirogolf Massage will provide you with excellent results. Allow yourself to rest, eliminate stress and achieve improved health. Luxury and sport are a winning combination for restoring energy and vitality.

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