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Purify your home with these indoor plants

Probably, decorating your house is one of the things that you can enjoy the most since you make sure that it has your style, looks harmonious, and brings a homelike ambiance. Therefore, plants are great allies when choosing the decoration of your home. Having indoor flowers and plants is one of the best ways to purify the air, reduce stress, improve concentration, and turn any space into a calming environment.

It is easy to add that greenery touch to your house with these plants, each one has some extra benefits. Check them out:

Corn plant

The different shades of green in its leaves and its robust trunk gives a very contemporary decorative touch to the room. These plants grew up to 10 feet and they do best in bright indoor locations that are protected from direct sunlight and drafts. Native from Brazil, a very tropical place, you only have to water it 1 or 2 times every 15 days, just make sure that the soil has good drainage and keeps moist.
The main benefit of having one in your home is that it absorbs some chemical pollutants from the air.

Peace lilies

Also known as “Spath”, this peculiar flower stands out among its green leaves and will give your home a sophisticated style. It is perfect for decor because it blooms all year round and it is the easiest to care for. Peace lilies enjoy medium to low light, but the direct sunlight can harm the plant.
It is recommended to water it 1 or 2 times a week and to take advantage of its benefits, it is better to place it in a humid environment, such as the bathroom or kitchen, since it absorbs mold.


Its exotic color will decorate any room in a special way since it visually attracts a lot of attention for its yellow, orange, and red leaves; the best thing is that their care is very simple.

Native from the tropical forest of Southeast Asia and Oceania, this easy-to-grow houseplant needs to be placed in a sunny location. Also, it is important to keep the soil moist and mist around the leaves once a week.


Better known as “snake plants”, this type of plant will make any space shine with a rustic touch due to the shape of its leaves. They don’t need a lot of light to grow beautiful, so any little space at home will be perfect. These evergreen perennial plants are very long-lived and they have a slow growth rate. Just one more tip: always make sure the soil is almost completely dry before thoroughly watering again.

These plants are ideal for bedrooms since they are great air purifiers.


This plant will look beautiful against a white wall because of its bright red flowers and heart-shaped leaves. It blooms all the year and just requires indirect light and water regularly, only when the soil is dry to the touch.

It is a great ally for the home since it absorbs the particles of certain chemicals that are contained in products such as bleach, fertilizers, and tobacco smoke.

Monstera deliciosa

Also known as the Swiss cheese plant, its unique leaves will combine with any type of home decor. This climbing shrub is perfect for a large room because it grows fairly tall. The plant grows best in indirect sunlight and in peat-based potting soil.

To maintain the natural shine of its leaves, simply use a damp cloth to remove any dust, it is also recommended to water it 2 or 3 times a month. Because of its tropical origin, it gives humidity so it helps to keep cool any space, perfect for the bedroom in warm seasons.

Aloe vera

One of our favorites, since it looks beautiful in any corner, but has great benefits. Taking care of this plant is very simple, you can place it on your balcony or terrace because it needs direct sunlight and water it twice a month to make it grow strong.

Its greenish, fleshy leaves have a gel inside that is a popular home remedy and can be used topically, because of the vitamins and minerals on it. Applying aloe gel to the skin could help reduce acne, moisture your skin, and heal minor burns.

You must have one at home!


This plant is easy to identify because of the type of leaves it has, with a singular shape of feathers. Its bright green color will shine from the other plants, also it is easy to grow.

The fern is perfect for dry environments, as its humidity purifies the air and removes chemical toxins. You could place it in any room since it occupies small and well-lit places.


Your home will change its color with a beautiful plant, you can also grow these aromatic herbs at home, which are your favs?


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