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Punta Negra – A Day For Your Own

Take a day trip to the south of the bay to discover a crystal clear water and white sand paradise. Punta Negra is a semi-private condo beach located only 7 km south of the center of Puerto Vallarta, right after Rio Nogalito, therefore it is very quick and convenient to get to.

It is the perfect place to just relax and reload your batteries when you get tired of all the buzzing of Vallarta’s tourists on popular beaches. Enjoy the beauty of the bay from a different point of view and you’ll be surprise by the clarity of the water! Your family is definitely going to fall in love with the coziness and the “paradise lost” atmosphere you’ll find there.

Simply relax, listen to the waves, enjoy the sweet caress of the sun and if you’re lucky you might even be able to see dolphins or manta-rays, as they usually are visible all year long.

Remember to bring plenty of water and refreshments as there are no vendors close by.


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