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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Kids’ Club

Let your child experience the wonders of imagination, the wide-eyed joy of learning, the mastery of a skill, the thrill of a new challenge, and the fun of making a friend. Our exciting and complimentary Kids’ Club is an innovative program aimed at reinforcing family ties and helping children learn, grow and play through fun activities, crafts, gaming, books and movies. Youngsters enjoy a friendly and safe environment to pursue their passions while families are free to pursue theirs. At Grand Velas, creating unforgettable vacation experiences for your children is our nature.

Our new Grand Velas Kids’ Club Program provides children with fun activities such as flying kites, table games, soccer, water balloons, sand castles, rock painting, and treasure hunting so that parents can enjoy a moment of relaxation. Kids love to experience Huichol Indian crafts, interactive animal and bird shows, cooking classes with resident chefs, and learning our language. Decorated in the motif of Pancho, the Grand Kids’ Club mascot, the brand new Grand Kids’ Club Room is loaded with plush monkey seats to so kids can enjoy an array of indoor activities such as movie time and video games.

Kid’s Club Programs:

  • Spanish-English Classes – Kids learn Spanish with the help of the new Pancho jigsaw puzzle.
  • Kid’s Cooking Classes – Children decorates a miniature cake using multi-colored whipped cream.
  • Live Shows – Kids enjoy interactive shows with sea lions and exotic birds.
  • Outdoor Activities – Kids enjoy the wonders of nature through outdoor activities in our beautiful garden and sand beach, such as soccer, softball, dodge ball, kickball, hockey, sack races, treasure hunts and building sand castles.
  • Pool Games – Kids swim and enjoy fun water games and activities in the children’s pool.
  • Arts & Crafts – Kids celebrate Mexico’s cultural heritage by learning how to make crafts such as kites, piñatas, bracelets and lizards following the native Huichol tradition.

Grand Kids Activities Programs in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Kite Making Stone Painting Piñata Making

Mask Making

Necklace Making Hand Painting Picture Frame Making


Kite Flying Sac race Balloon Game Sand Castle Building Treasure Hunt Play Doh Sand Castle Building


Video Games Video Games Video Games Video Games Video Games Video Games Video Games


Soccer Dodge Ball Broom Hockey Kick Ball Soccer Dodge Ball Broom Hockey


Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch


Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie


Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery


Water Balloons Marco Polo Little Ball Game Finding Chips Water Guns Water Balloons Marco Polo


Memory Game Jenga Parrot Shows Uno Sea Lion Show Memory Game Jenga


Video Games Video Games Video Games Video Games Video Games Video Games Video Games

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