Puerto Vallarta Mardi Gras Parade & Banderas Bay Carnaval " />

Puerto Vallarta Mardi Gras Parade & Banderas Bay Carnaval

Things to do

Things are heating up, as Banderas Bay prepares for Carnaval season & the biggest, sexiest street party of the year. The 8th Annual Puerto Vallarta Mardi Gras Parade draws over 30,000 of the world’s most gorgeous people, so get ready to celebrate.

This is the party we spend all year pining for, crossing days off the calendar with glitter and sequins. As you probably know from the reputations of parties in New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro, Carnaval is a tradition throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, culminating in the sexy, spirited abandon of Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday.” Here in Banderas Bay, we celebrate such at the biggest street party of the year, the Puerto Vallarta Mardi Gras Parade. Other events throughout the week this year include:

  • Carnaval Mask-Making with Art VallARTa (Calle Pilitas #213) – Feb 2nd, 10am.
  • Black Orpheus Screening (Calle Pilitas #213) – Feb 2nd, 7-8:30pm
  • Jazz & Beer Festival (Calle Allende #116) – Feb 6th, 5-8pm.
  • Pet Parade (Hotel Rosita to Los Arcos) – Feb 8th, 6-8pm.


The Sexy Parade at the Heart of it All

All of Carnaval leads up to the 8th AnnualPuerto Vallarta Mardi Gras Parade, starting at 8pm on February 9th. Costumed participants (register here if you wish to participate) begin dancing from the Sheraton, down to the Malecon. This is where you’ll want to catch the party if you’re not already in it. From there, jaw-dropping floats, stilt walkers, drummers, and over 30,000 people groove along the cobblestone beachfront in ornately sequined, feathered and bejeweled outfits they’ve spent the year making. Expect tons of glitter, colorful beads, live music, and DJ beats to fill the air all night long – even though the parade “officially” ends around 10pm at the spectacular new Los Muertos Pier.

Puerto Vallarta Mardi Gras Parade & Banderas Bay Carnaval

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