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Puerto Vallarta an ideal place for kids!

Yes like the title says, Puerto Vallarta is indeed an ideal place for kids. My 2-years-old kid was born in Puerto Vallarta and is very happy here. Playing on the beach, doing castles, or simply walk by the Malecon climbing on the statues that are there are of its favorites.

Adding that Puerto Vallarta is a very safe city, parents will feel very comfortable hanging around through in the streets of Nuevo Vallarta down to old town.

Obviously kids want to be able to do something else than just walking or be at the beach. Well there is Water Park near to Nuevo Vallarta, a Zoo down south, a Game Room in the Plaza Caracol shopping Center by the hotel zone, Bowling at Collage Club by the Marina, Tennis courts, Golf courses, top notch Movie Theaters etc…

So don’t be worried about bringing your kids to Puerto Vallarta, they will definitely enjoy…and Grand-Ma and Grand-Pa will finally get some vacation time.


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