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I recently went with my boyfriend on an ATV tour through the Sierra Madre. At first I was a little scared to dive the thing because I do not really know how to drive stick shift that well and the way the guides explained how to drive it made me feel like I was going to be in trouble of stalling out the whole time. Well, I was completely wrong. I was able to drive in 2nd gear the whole time without doing much shifting and even when I had to shift it was pretty easy. That being said… I was really able to enjoy my experience being out on the mountain to the fullest. The scenery driving up to the waterfall was fabulous. The trees were so green and lush, the air was crisp and the wildlife (birds and the like) was amazing. We got to stop at a waterfall and tequilla factory which was interesting. Also, if you are up for a bit to eat, there is a restaurant in the same area as the tequilla tasting room. All and all, its a very nice experience great for families and couples.


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