Pokémon Go is Now Available in Mexico! Recommendations to Play " />

Pokémon Go is Now Available in Mexico! Recommendations to Play

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I still remember the time when my dream was to be a Pokémon master; those minutes spent glued to the television enjoying the cartoon, and hours imagining and drawing my own creatures with their evolutions … some great memories!

The wait is over and it was actually worthy. Pokémon Go, the augmented-reality game that has caused so much sensation around the world, is finally available in Mexico.


I will give you some recommendations so you can enjoy this game to the maximum:

Save Energy

  • To put the game in power-save mode allows you to keep your phone in your bag while you walk (without closing the application or without locking the device); the screen goes black and you do not need to see your mobile all the time; it alerts you when a Pokémon is nearby.
  • Disable the augmented reality when you will spend a lot of time in the street. We know it’s more fun with this option is enabled, however, it will help you play longer.
  • Lower the screen brightness, and mute the sound and music.
  • Carry an external battery. There are mobile cases that includes it.

Save Data

  • There are some companies that are offering the Pokémon Go UNLIMITED plans.
  • Download the map (in Google Maps) of the area you travel.
  • Try to evolve or cure Pokémons when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network; these actions require a large amount of data.
  • Walk through public places that offer Wi-Fi.

General recommendations

  • The power-save mode will also help you watch where you walk. This will prevent you to have an accident.
  • And finally the most important thing, do not listen to cheating tricks for this game, you better go out and enjoy this, it is the opportunity you were waiting since childhood: to be a Pokémon master!

Introduce the game to the little ones in your house, this is an excellent opportunity to go out and enjoy technology (nowadays, even kids spend their childhood sitting or lying in their room while they play with a console).


To end this blogpost, I leave you with some screenshots of Pokémon Go in Puerto Vallarta:


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