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Picnics, a centenary tradition

With their country-side charm and casual ambiance, picnics have taken part in the evolution of foodies since around 1694, according to the Dictionnaire Étymologique de la Langue Françoise by Gilles Ménage where the entry of ‘pique-nique’ appears as a lunch or extravagant dinner in which the guests shared some food.

As early as the 18th century, picnics were a favorite pastime of the French aristocracy, and by the time of the French Revolution, many of these aristocrats left for other countries such as Austria, Prussia, and even the United States and Canada; although most of them settled in England, where they managed to maintain their old-times lifestyle. That is how picnics permeated those countries, and especially in London, where they gained almost irreverent fame with dances, music, and performances of plays so much so that a group of wealthy young people and francophiles, founded the Pic Nic Society, with thunderous events carried out in the street of Tottenham, ” Each one more luxurious than the last ”, just like The Times published by those times.

At the beginning of the 20th century, when the means of transport became more accessible, picnics moved to more remote places to enjoy the outdoors and nature.

Today almost any park or outdoor space serves as perfect backdrops for picnics. And as long as there are good friends and family with whom sharing a pleasant moment, picnics will be part of our day-to-day.

Picnics in art

Artists have always sought to bring the lifestyle that surrounds them into their artwork, so it’s no surprise that picnics have been featured in various works for centuries now. Here’s a look at five masterpieces by great painters:

Francisco de Goya | Spain | Picnic on the Banks of Manzanares | 1776

Thomas Cole | United States |A Pic-nic party | 1846

Édouard Manet | France | Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe |  1862

Claude Monet | France | Luncheon on the Grass | 1865-6

Renoir | France | Luncheon of the Boating Party | 1880-81

Picnics at Velas Resorts!

Now that we are entering the most golden season of the year and summer floods everything with splendid sun beams, it is a perfect season to organize picnics outdoors. And Velas Resorts —always thinking of everything to entertain and offer unparalleled experiences—, showcase from family and romantic moments to exclusive picnics in the depth of a cenote, just for you.

Luxury picnic at Casa Velas
Family Picnic during Summer at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit
Romantic picnic by the Caribbean at Grand Velas Riviera Maya
Private picnic in a Mayan cenote, part of the exclusive Microexperiences collection by Velas Resorts
Elegant picnic for your wedding day in Grand Velas Los Cabos

Let’s fill that basket with scrumptious delicacies to enjoy outdoors, and enjoy an extraordinary picnic!

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