Eclectic Outdoor Puerto Vallarta Dining at Food Park PV " />

Eclectic Outdoor Puerto Vallarta Dining at Food Park PV

Ever have a hard time deciding where to eat when traveling with family or friends? Not here in Puerto Vallarta, where the hip, freshly opened Food Park PV features 8 diverse eateries, 2 bars, a coffee shop, & shared seating for everyone to enjoy.


A World of Outdoor Puerto Vallarta Dining in One Place


Food Park PV

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It’s the end of a long day at the beach, kiteboarding, snorkeling, and soaking in the sun. All that fun is sure to leave you hungry – but if you’re here with family or friends, agreeing which of the many great restaurants in Puerto Vallarta to try can be tricky. Thankfully there’s always the trendy, freshly opened Food Park PV, an eco-friendly outdoor option with something for everyone.

Al Fresco Dining, Day & Night

The concept is simple – take eight repurposed shipping containers and three food trucks and a second floor for live entertainment (Thursday-Sunday), fill the space in the middle with picnic tables, and the hungry masses will follow. That’s exactly what’s happened at Food Park PV, featuring eight eclectic eateries, a coffee shop, and two bars to satisfy every palate. So, what exactly is on the menu? Here’s a taste:



One of the most popular food trucks in PV is now a Food Park mainstay, serving premium ground sirloin burgers considered by many to be the city’s best. The Kansas Pulled Pork Sandwich is also amazing, topped with onions, walnuts, avocado, and BBQ sauce.

El Chef Gourmet

You know burritos, but do you know what a torta is? Even if you do, the Mexican sandwiches coming out of this kitchen are truly inspired. For example, the Torta Tecolota features breaded beef, red or green chile, cream cheese, and brown sugar chilaquiles. Simple as it sounds, the Grilled Cheese is superb as well.

Il Teatro

Delicious pizzas, pastas, and fresh salads. Keep your eye out for Mexican takes on the classics incorporating chiles, cilantro, and chorizo.

Ancla 21 Oyster House

Knockout seafood dishes are the star here, with plates like Tuna Tartar and the house burrito, filled with fish, bacon, shrimp, gouda cheese, and coleslaw.


Black Pig

You won’t want to wash the taste of ribs and wings of your fingers after feasting at this famous spot.

Park Grill

Upscale riffs on grilled local specialties, stuffed into homemade corn tortillas, or any way you like it.


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