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Our experience with Baby Concierge

By Yessica Lira

As a single woman, I had enjoyed a number of relaxing vacations at the beach and with a glass of wine in hand. Now as a first-time mom, the story is completely different –on vacation, mommy doubts and worries haunt you all day long!

After a long flight, your baby might be annoyed by being in the same position; this is the time when you realize that you’ve become that person with a baby that you begged not to sit next to you on the plane.


But this is not the worst… the questions come in bulk –what about the food? Can he sleep at night in a bed that is not his? Can we visit a restaurant? What if it is not a family-friendly? What if he doesn’t like the sea? But oh my goodness- my baby’s first vacation could not have been more perfect!

There are some planes that offer baby bassinets next to specific seats that let your baby rest –this way you won’t have to have your baby sleeping on your lap for the entire flight. Be sure to book early and call the airline to enjoy this benefit.

Now I’ll tell you what made my vacation so wonderful. I stayed at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, where they offer Baby Concierge services. They can send various items to your suite; a mobile crib, stroller, high chair and toys, giving you more room in the suitcase.


These holidays were perfect for the elegant dress I rarely use –I wore it to one of the specialty restaurants featured in the resort. The resort also offers 100% qualified babysitters to give you that well deserved time alone with your partner.

Most restaurants have a kids menu to give everyone a chance to try something new and delicious. And at lunch, do not worry, the suite service can you provide with hot water for baby bottles, baby fruit/vegetable food and much more: you just have to ask your Concierge in advance and tell them what time you will require the service.

Every little detail was covered, but the best thing was to see my baby’s face when he saw the ocean for the first time. It was like when two old friends meet after a long time; the feel of his small feet in contact with the sand and the world of feelings he experienced was something that nothing can beat.

That was our experience at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, where the Baby Concierge helped us to have an amazing holiday.


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