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Ombré style wedding

If you are planning your wedding for 2013, we highly recommend decorating your event with the new trend for next year: Ombré styleOmbré style comes from the French term meaning “shadowed or shaded” and essentially consists of displaying various hues of color; from the softest to the most intense. It can be considered a style of “a thousand uses”, as it is possible to apply it in many distinct forms. It creates an eye-catching and elegant appearance, automatically making your event unique and enchanting.

Here are several basic points for creating a dream wedding by following this trend:

Ombré style wedding cake

Ombré style wedding cake

  1. One of the most striking places to use ombré style is on your wedding dress. Or, you can use it for your hair, accessories, nails or makeup.
  2. It is rumored that the color white for wedding dresses will be replaced by pink. In fact, it is a stronger color in general- take advantage of it!
  3. Use the colors of your choice. Ideally, you select just one. You’ll want to be careful that your color’s shades do not become too aggressive, causing the effect to be lost.
  4. In the décor, ombré style looks fabulous on table linens, centerpieces and dishes. It also works for food items such as the cake, which are very conducive to these types of color arrangements.
Ombré style centerpiece

Ombré style centerpiece

Just let the colors of your imagination flow. There is nothing more romantic or avant garde than a ceremony that emanates tranquillity, softness, freshness and simplicity.

We hope that this enchanting style has been pleasant and inspiring. For more information please visit our wedding website:


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