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The Puerto Vallarta Dance Party of the Year: Salsa Mambo Fest 2016

Things to do

Learn Latin dancing with today’s masters by day, then party all night during the Salsa Mambo Fest 2016 in Nuevo Vallarta, April 21st-24th. Tickets are conveniently available for each event, as well as the entire festival itself, so don’t miss out.

Right up there with spicy food, tequila, and mariachi music, Mexico is known around the world for its dancing. Few Banderas Bay Dance festivals embody this facet of our national character quite like Salsa Mambo Fest 2016. Taking place literally right next door in Nuevo Vallarta, the four-day dance party features a red-hot schedule of educational workshops, lessons with legends, stage shows, competitions, spontaneous performances, pool parties, live music, and DJs. Each day brings a line-up of seminars for 150-200 dancers, followed by public festivities drawing over 1,000 people all through the night.


A Full Spectrum of Latin Rhythms

Ever since the “mambo” emerged from Cuba in the 1930s – followed by New York City’s “salsa” of the 1970s – the styles have merged, morphed, and split into whole new schools of dance. Many of today’s masters will be performing as well as instructing during Salsa Mambo Fest 2016, opening eyes with a world of techniques (all set to their requisite rhythms via live music or DJs), including:

  • Bachata
  • Cubano
  • Kizomba
  • Flamenco
  • Pachanga
  • Booty Jam
  • Hip-Hop
  • Belly Dancing
  • Contemporary

Event Tickets & All-Access Passes

Individual shows are priced as low as $150 MXN, while concerts with social dancing range from $300-$400 MXN. For the complete experience, you’ll want to purchase a FULL PASS ($2,500 MXN) that includes all workshops, parties, and shows throughout the entire festival. Other four-day ticket options include a PARTY PASS ($1400 MXN) for all social events, as well as a WORKSHOP PASS ($1,200 MXN) to attend any and all seminars you choose

The Puerto Vallarta Dance Party of the Year: Salsa Mambo Fest 2016

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