New Talents and Attractions on the Traditional Malécon " />

New Talents and Attractions on the Traditional Malécon

By Javier Machaín
Translated by: Nyima Bieber
Every day of the week on Puerto Vallarta’s malecón, visitors who walk its nearly two-kilometer length will find a number of artists who express their creativity in different ways.

Los Muertos Pier

Here you can find works ranging from human statues to whimsical bronze figures, break dancers, caricature portraits, and aerosol and oil paintings. Next to the malecón’s famous arches is an amphitheater with live shows by mimes, clowns and performers of all kinds who delight in enlivening the afternoons and evenings for residents and visiting tourists.
Adding to the range of attractions is the recently-inaugurated Los Muertos Pier; an exciting and entertaining space with a beautiful walkway and circular vista point with magnificent view of Banderas Bay. Once night falls, the pier comes to life with colored stage lighting to make each visit even more magical.

Cesar Burgarin

This entire evening experience has been joined by a young jazz trumpeter by the name of Cesar Bugarin, who made his debut on Thursday, January 10th at the Lazaro Cardenas park amphitheater. He played an excellent recital featuring a nice repertoire of music spanning several decades, delighting spectators of all ages. And, as luck would have it, Cesar Bugarín will be performing every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm in the same venue.
For a great night in Puerto Vallarta, visit the malecón and enjoy some great jazz and art along with the refreshing sea breeze.
Image | Facebook OCV, César Bugarín Jazz


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